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A Canopy of Carnations

A Canopy of Carnations

A collection of short stories written straight from the heart, this canopy is sure to trigger mixed emotions of joy, nostalgia, sorrow, gratitude, and understanding deep within the reader’s soul. It traces everyday incidents in the lives of ordinary people, touches upon circumstances that make people extraordinary and kindles sentiments that most people can relate to. It takes you through a journey to witness incidents that uncover when

  • A college student is curious about her classmate’s withdrawn nature
  • A woman has to come to terms with the loss of her partner
  • A woman decides it is time to make amendments in her thoughts
  • The secret alliance between two people becomes public
  • A woman realizes someone is trying to ruin her life by digging up her past
  • A young man almost reconnects with his college mate after many years
  • A young girl craves to meet her father
  • An inquisitive housewife gets an insight into the life of the lady next door
  • An innovative, young husband is faced with an inevitable divorce plea from his wife


Stories that will keep you enthralled with suspense, emotion, and drama till the last page . . . and linger in your thoughts.


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